4x4 Inch Solid Brass Ball Bearing Door Hinge - Pewter

SKU: LH-4x4-PTR-17A-F

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  • Includes: One 4" x 4" solid brass ball bearing hinge, and screws. 
  • Leaf Thickness: 3.0mm (0.12 in)
  • Pin Type: Fixed Pin. Pin does not come out! (shims may be required for installation).
  • Finish Color: Pewter (US-17A)
  • Screw Size: #12 x 1-1/4 in.

(When order consists of 2 hinges or more, hinges may be shipped in sleeves containing 2 or 3 hinges per sleeve).

    • Extra-strong rust-resistant stainless steel screws included.
    • Extremely durable and designed to last for decades on even the heaviest wooden and metal doors.
    • Our ball bearing hinges are machined of extruded brass for precise installation and smooth movement.
    • These solid brass feature a fancy-grey finish, and bring about the silvery shimmer of pewter. Complimented with the weight and quality that come with solid extruded brass, each hinge is a masterpiece.