4x4 Inch Solid Brass Square Barrel Door Hinge - Satin Brass



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No matter their size, door hinges play an extremely important role in a door's safety, security and function.

Finsbury Hardware's hinges are designed to be safe, smooth and efficient anywhere a load-bearing hinge is needed.

Manufactured in a range of sizes and colors, and with decorative tips, these hinges will add charm to any living space, whether at home, in the office, or anyplace in between.

You will find that these hinges are extremely heavyweight and durable. This is because Finsbury Hardware hinges are crafted with the highest quality brass extrusion manufacturing processes. Solid brass is made of copper and zinc and is well-known for its resilience, durability and beauty. The two anti-friction assemblies in each hinge create a special smoothness to the movement of your door. And each and every hinge is machined for precise installation.

We are certain that you will enjoy these hinges for many years to come.

Because Finsbury Hinges are not just a hinge. They're an investment.